E-commerce Marketing

Digital evrima offers SME’s a sound marketing strategy that can help you build brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, discover our resources, ultimately increase online sales


Enabling and Empowering Brands

Due to the onset of the pandemic, everybody has transitioned towards eCommerce. Digital Evrima helps set up the seller central account, checking the product viability and estimating the product’s competitiveness. Access to mentors with sound industry experts and equipped with the help of tools and techniques for enabling the customer to have smooth check-out processes.

Reaching Out To An Extensive Audience

Digital Evrima offers SEO solutions and listing optimization along with seller central account and all the virtual assistance required for more lead generation and a more excellent conversion ratio.

Engaging with Newer Audience

PPC campaigns and marketing strategies to scale the business and gain traffic through organic and paid means. Reward systems and loyalty programs can lead to repeat purchases from the customers by introducing reward points.

Listing Optimization to Attract Traffic

After rigorous testing of the vectors, metadata, image optimization, and fixing the technical aspects from the design, development, and content, the web copy is ready to attract traffic with affiliate networks.

Reduce Abandoned Carts

Digital Evrima aims to have a development team and chief technology officer with technological expertise to reduce the abandoned carts. We devise such strategies that can give the online visitor a smooth shopping online experience. Our digital marketing solutions address the hindrance that impedes the check-out processes of the online visitor. AI experts that integrate solutions for similar products with discounted coupons for those shoppers who abandoned their carts. We tailor marketing strategies for various industries to cater to the automotive, real estate, healthcare, and education sector. The development team aims to reduce the frequency of abandoned carts.

Brand Awareness with Social media platforms

Creating social media posts, awareness, discounts posts, and visuals with a content calendar and account manager maximize visibility to gain more engagement and user-generated data. Approach that comprises marketing tactics both on and off your website.

Converting Traffic into Customers

Digital evrima offers Ecommerce marketing, development, and listing optimization along with virtual assistance. Promotional tactics and account managers leverage social media for organic traffic and more conversions and retaining those customers post-purchase.

Holistic eCommerce Marketing

Digital evrima envisions the user-centric approach with discovery and delivery processes for a holistic eCommerce marketing strategy. Digital Evrima offers solutions to merchants by leveraging multi-vendor platforms to sell products

Marketing Tools To Drive More Sales

Amazon, eBay, lazada, and many marketplaces allow merchants to sell online and automate their processes by taking virtual assistance for handling orders and payment issues. You can trust digital Evrima for complete digital development and design services.

Brand Awareness Through Social Media Marketing

Curating optimized content and consequently publishing content to social media required a content calendar. It is as manageable as sharing a blog post, an image, or a promotional video about a digital product or service through a landing page on a social media platform. Account managers at digital Evrima how you would share on your personal Facebook profile with a social media marketing agency. Social media marketing strategy includes planning and publishing with visual communications that engage visitors through the buyer journey.


Get optimized web copy and landing pages for your lead generation. Digital Evrima has account managers for better customer experience in terms of usability and fast loading times, and your search engine optimization (SEO).


As brand following grows with time you observe mentions and responses as a consequence of digital marketing and SEO solutions, conversations, responses and feedback will also increase. Therefore we manage responses effectively.


Increased engagement of content attracts more eyeballs and more social mentions, ultimately more visibility. interactions on your social media posts. People might even talk about your name on social media without letting you know. 


Observe user engagement and analyze the feedback on social media discussions about your product, startup, or course if you own one. We aggregate all your social media mentions including posts that didn't tag your business's social media profile.