SEO Case Study
Project SEO Evrima

SEO Evrima Chicago

SEO Evrima offers digital marketing, development and design services along the suite of data analysis, competitor research, technical application, and SEO reporting.

Project Name: SEO Evrima Chicago

Client: Company Name Inc.

Project Commencement Date: February 18, 2017

Project Completion Date: January 25, 2018


We performed data analysis and research through tools for the best competition analysis. The website clearly lacked strategic recommendations and there was much helped required with technical execution the could only be possible with the help of resources such as SEO expert, link builder, web developer, and content strategist.

Digital strategy

Then we developed a digital strategy that supports the website. With constant, steady effort, we observed the payoff in improved search rankings, increased organic traffic, and higher conversion rates. The graphics included were vector-based work. Categorically free from copyright issues with integration of the page’s whole concept.


We prepared our team and the client on expectations, communication, and collaboration for a thorough assessment of the website. It included Google Analytics traffic analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor research. In addition, we devised the content strategy deliverables and got approval, then uploaded the optimized content with a focused keyword. We ensured that targeted keyword maintains the density for each page and is appropriately placed in the H1s for each page of the website important for ranking. Our technical SEO recommendations, On-Page SEO and digital strategies supported engagements for SEO Evrima. We ensured that every working part of SEO Evrima website is optimized for headings, content and images for search engine to give it Google rankings. 


The SEO department at Unit A technology knows SEO needs and varying best practices and changes algorithm updates. The key areas that we covered in our work are Keyword research, competitor SEO research, backlink analysis, content recommendations, technical SEO implementation and Google Analytics management.

Studied the search behaviors and algorithms that change rapidly; a strong SEO strategy helped in website optimization.

Improved the HI analysis and keyword density on every page.

Implemented SEO reporting through the SEO plugin & strategy to make it appealing to search engines. We improved the readability analysis, implemented the Flesch reading ease score which made text is to read and crucially, we improved the SEO based content writing.


Since the project was to achieve rankings on Google, link building and content-driven. More depth and visual appeal was added to the services page of digital marketing, development, and design while preserving the existing branding and SEO.